Privacy policy


Béndiksen, Diedrich, Enríquez, Salazar, Santoyo & Yanar, S.C., commercially known as BéndiksenLaw is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data and we inform you the following:

The personal data that BéndiksenLaw collects from you or your company, will be used for purposes of identification and communication, as well as for the issuance of invoices for services requested to BéndiksenLaw; and where applicable, to make payments on behalf of BéndiksenLaw.

To carry out the above mentioned purposes, BéndiksenLaw may use personal data of identification and contact.

You have the right to know (i) what personal data BéndiksenLaw collects from you, (ii) for which purpose the information will be used and (iii) the conditions for its use (Right of Access). Furthermore, you have the right to request the correction of your personal information if it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (Right of Rectification); or to request BéndiksenLaw to remove such information from its records or databases, if it is not used according to the law (Right of Cancellation); as well as to oppose to the usage of your personal data for a particular purpose (Right of Opposition). The above mentioned rights are known as the “ARCO Rights

In order to exercise any of the ARCO Rights, or if you are interested in learning the procedure and requirements to exercise the ARCO Rights, you should submit a written request or consultation before the Privacy Department of BéndiksenLaw , which will respond within a maximum period of 20 working days. Such response shall be collected by the applicant at the Privacy Department of BéndiksenLaw.

The information of the Privacy Department of BéndiksenLaw is the following:

Address:  Blvd. Tomas Fernández No. 7815 Suite 302, Col. Los Parques, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, 32440.

Office Hours:  9:00-14:00 Hrs.

Phone Number:  +52 (656) 648-6500

To revoke your consent for the usage of your personal data, or limit its use and disclosure please visit the Privacy Department of BéndiksenLaw. It is important to mention that we will not be able to complete your request in all cases, or stop using your data immediately, since it is possible that for some legal obligation we will have to continue using your personal information. You also have to consider that for some purposes, the revocation of your consent could represent the end of your relationship with BéndiksenLaw.

We will implement the required security measures to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data in order to protect such data against loss or damage or against any unauthorized use or treatment. BéndiksenLaw will not transfer any personal data.

Any amendment of this privacy notice will be notified by the Privacy Department of BéndiksenLaw, via email, on the BéndiksenLaw’s website and/or by written notice posted at the offices of the Privacy Department and extensively on the facilities of BéndiksenLaw.